SK Telecom, Gint, and MWC to unveil a quantum security solution to prevent hacking of self-driving cars

SK Telecom is planning to introduce ‘positive security gateway’ solution that prevents hacking of 5G self-driving cars. Quantum security gateway is an integrated security device that is installed inside a vehicle and utilizes quantum cryptography communication. Protect various electronic units and networks necessary for vehicle operation from external attacks.
Quantum cryptography communication is a communication technology that uses the characteristics of protons, the smallest unit of physical mass, to create cryptographic keys that cannot be hacked and distribute them to both senders and receivers. If a hacking attempt is made, the information itself will be compromised.
SK Telecom is planning to invite South Korean company Gint, a joint developer, to MWC to display its solutions together.
SK Telecom is planning to introduce its first mobile edge computing-based service at MWC after forming a partnership with Mobile Edge X, a technology company under Deutsche Telekom in Germany, in October last year.Mobile edge computing reduces the data transfer process by forward placing servers for data processing in adjacent base stations. It is useful for services that require fast response speed such as autonomous driving.

Park Jin-hyo, head of SK Telecom’s Information and Communication Technology Center, said, “We are planning to actively promote network consulting and export 5G technologies based on our 5G technology.”

Source: Joseon Biz

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