Gint, Chungnam National University LINC+ Business Group Industry-Academic Joint Technology Development Task Selection

Chungnam National University’s College of Industry-Academic Cooperation (LINC+) Promotion Project hosted a briefing session on the operation of the project at the Human Resources Development Institute on the 24th, inviting researchers from the industry-academic joint technology development project.

A total of 60 researchers and officials from 22 industry-academic joint technology development selection tasks attended the briefing session on the day to share detailed plans for maintaining two-way cooperation between industry and academia and to pledge to complete the successful joint industrial-academic technology development project.

A total of 22 companies and cooperative organizations were selected for the joint industrial-academic technology development project, including Gint Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Yong-hyun).

In connection with the industry-academic joint technology development project, Chungnam National University’s LINC+ business group received RFPs from 1,000 family companies in May and confirmed the demand in advance, and participated in the project by subdividing research tasks into the fields of humanities, social arts and physical education and community care, including medical bio-convergence, energy fusion, and defense ICT convergence.
“The industry-academic joint technology development project plays a role in the national R&D project as ‘human blood’ that can sublimate the results into win-win development in the realm of life while discovering and upgrading research in various subjects and fields,” said Kim Dong-wook, head of the LINC+ business group at Chungnam National University. “We will further expand the foundation for cooperation and communication among all subjects so that healthy blood can circulate smoothly in our society.”

Source: Financial News

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