Selected as ‘Gint’, a precision agricultural venture company, and ‘First Penguin’ by the Credit Guarantee Fund

GINT, a venture company that develops technologies in precision agriculture, announced on the 18th that it has been selected as the “First Penguin Company” of the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT).

The Korea Credit Guarantee Fund’s First Penguin Program is a system that annually selects innovative companies with potential future growth among companies operating the new growth engine industry and supports up to 3 billion won in guarantees for three years.

Agriculture is an industry that is less receptive to change. However, it is growing into a new growth engine industry as innovative IT technologies have recently been applied to agriculture, with advanced agricultural countries such as the United States and Europe at the center. Now agriculture is not just a role in food production, but a high value-added industry that creates added value in extended areas such as information collection, analysis, processing and distribution. Therefore, the government recently recognized agriculture as a new growth engine industry and made the spread of smart agriculture a major task, and now it is creating an industrial ecosystem through technological innovation.

Gint has secured the source technology of the electronic control integrated platform, which is a core technology for self-driving tractors, and is currently working with domestic manufacturers to commercialize it. In particular, it has recently developed a task integrated control platform for tractors optimized for the cultivation of various field crops.

The head of the Gyeonggi startup branch of the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund said, “We selected Gint as the first penguin company because we highly appreciated the future growth potential of Gint’s original technology,” adding, “We believe that few Korean venture companies are developing their own technologies that can cope with advanced overseas companies in the agricultural sector.” Therefore, the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund added that it will actively support Gint to become a global innovation company in precision agriculture.

Kim Yong-hyun, CEO of Gint, said, “We thank the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund for its evaluation and support of the technology possessed by Gint,” adding, “In order for agriculture to develop into a new growth engine industry that can lead to new growth, technology convergence is necessary.” Gint said, “We will actively strive to enhance the national competitiveness of Korea’s agriculture by continuously securing convergence technologies that can increase crop production in the agricultural technology sector.”

Source: Robot Newspaper

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