Gint launches a project to develop technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for tractors in response to climate change.





GINT (CEO Kim Yong-hyun), a venture company in precision agriculture, said on March 6 that it has launched a national project to develop tractor greenhouse gas reduction technology to preemptively respond to climate change.
As part of the development of low-carbon agricultural technology, the project will be carried out for three years under the Agricultural Promotion Agency’s mid- to long-term research and development plan for agricultural science and technology, and aims to develop and commercialize key technologies for automatic shift control applied with greenhouse gas reduction technology.

Through this project, Gint has a strategy to cooperate with tractor manufacturers to voluntarily respond to greenhouse gas reductions. It also predicts that farmers will see a reduction in fuel consumption, which will increase their income by reducing costs. As a result, we believe that low-carbon farming will be realized through the development of agricultural greenhouse gas reduction technologies at the level of advanced countries.

Source: Industry News


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