Precision Agricultural Venture Gint, Series A Investment in Gint





Precision agricultural venture GINT said it has attracted Series A investments from Kolon Investment, NHNow Agricultural Food No. 1 PEF and Songhyun Investment.

NHNow Agricultural Food No. 1 PEF is a private equity investment joint venture established by NH Nonghyup Bank and NowIB Capital to invest in global small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural sector. Although it is unusual for private equity investment companies to invest in precision agricultural venture companies, precision agriculture is now suitable for investment as it is a global new growth engine industry due to the development of agricultural technology through the convergence of ICT technologies.

“The differentiated point is that the gint system provides farmers with an opportunity to access advanced agricultural technologies through business technology innovation,” said Song Hyun, an investment company. “We highly evaluated Gint’s future growth potential in line with overseas agricultural mechanization trends, and participated in the investment.”

The Gint tractor intelligence system combines key technologies of precision agriculture based on tractors and agricultural machinery, including ▲AI ▲ self-driving ▲remote control ▲fault diagnosis and foreground ▲productivity improvement ▲stealing and accident detection technologies.
Kim Yong-hyun, CEO of Gint, said, “Gint will use this investment to strengthen new R&D development investment and business strategies, and we will actively hire talent to accompany growth goals.”

Source: Korea Agricultural Daily


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