Construction and Agricultural Vehicles

Integrated intelligent CAV solution applicable to each development phase

  • From electronic control to autonomous driving, GINT’s solution makes manufacturers easy to develop intelligent equipment at a reasonable cost.
  • GINT provide a outstanding, irreplaceable solution in setting up systems, processing large amounts of data, and running servers.

Electronic Control

  • Electronic control is the first step to develop an intelligent CAV.
  • The ECU on the GINT allows direct control of various parts of the equipment such as the engine, transmission, and heavy machine.
  • GINT Control, developed by experts of long experience, provide support to develop more trustworthy products at a reasonable cost.

Telematics System

  • Connecting the internet to the equipment can create even greater added value.
  • Various statistical data services can be provided to users and manufacturers, including workload, fuel consumption, as well as vehicle availability enhancements such as fault finding and anti-theft services such as Geo-Fence.
  • In addition, GINT’s telematics system is compatible with GINT Control, allowing you to control user’s equipment remotely. A variety of applications are available online, including remote startup, remote driving, and Fleet Management.

Autonomous Operation

  • GINT provides a self-driving soulton that can be mass-produced with reasonable price.
  • Tractor work data will be managed by online, so user no longer have to control the console at a tractor.
  • User can manage work status and machienry status through the app at any time during or after work.