GINT Control series is an integrated electronic control solution that enables CAV manufacturers to efficiently develop electronic controlled CAV

Technology Benefits

CAV manufacturers can easily develop high-performing electronic controlled(drive-by-wire) CAV by applying GINT’s solution

Time & Cost Saving

The solution allows developers to enjoy more freedom while significantly enhancing the product’s performance


With GINT TMG series, tractors or construction vehicle can be readily connected to GINT Cloud

Technology Benefits

Designed to accommodate different network environments of countries across the world, transmits various input/output data of tractors to GINT Cloud

Time & Cost Saving

Manufacturers do not have to develop separate terminals or build servers for telematics service

GINT Cloud is an integrated cloud platform that can create the best synergistic effect when used with GINT Control and GINT Connect systems.

World Wide Telematics Service

Users can check the tractor’s condition and diagnosis information via web-site and mobile apps.

Scalable Development Platform

The data of tractors are safely stored in GINT Cloud and then processed in various forms. The processed data can be used as ingredients for developing various high value-added applications such as Remote Control, Fleet Control and Tractor Sharing